Whitman Date Transfer Sheets - Black

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Date transfer sheets provide an easy way to add dates and mint marks to your albums, folders, or blank pages. Get professional results with this simple to use, inexpensive product from Whitman. Very simple to use and looks much better than hand written text.

Set Includes:

  • Numbers 0 through 9 (14 each)
  • Letters P, D and S (14 each)
  • Years 1999 - 2022 (5 each)


  1. Clean and dry the surface well
  2. Remove white paper from transparent sheet
  3. Place and align where desired
  4. Rub numbers onto item with included applicator
  5. Lift edges and confirm transfer

In addition to coin albums we also offer a full line of coin folders and maps including HarrisLittleton and Whitman brands.

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