Hefty Express® Air-Kraft Bubble Mailers #5 - 10.5" x 16"

Number of Mailers: 1 - $1.10
Sale price$1.10


We are proud to offer the finest padded bubble mailers that money can buy. We have searched many bubble mailers, and other shipping mailers, and we have found that the Hefty Express Air-Kraft Bubble Mailers are the highest quality, and lowest weight available. These bubble mailers will save you money when it comes time to paying for the shipping, and every ounce counts. These bubble mailers are the Self-Seal design, allowing you to never have to use tape again. They also have a seamless bottom for maximum strength with a 3/16" bubble lining on the inside.

(Outside dimensions of bubble mailers may have up to a 1/4" variance with each run by manufacturer.)

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