JP's Corner Brand Medallion 39mm Self-Locking Tube

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We are excited to introduce our very own JP's Corner Brand Medallion Self-Locking Tube. These tubes are fantastic for protecting & storing your coins and feature a new self locking feature not found with similar tubes. They resemble US mint tubes, however with the locking feature there is no need for sticky tape that leaves residue behind. The tube features additive in the plastic before molding to ensure the tube is virtually unbreakable in varying weather and temperatures unlike other tubes on the market. See easy to use instructions below for how it works.

  • To Open: Twist the top slightly to the left and lift from any of the 4 corners.
  • To Close: Offset the lid slightly to the left at the 4 corners, snap in place and turn slightly to the right to lock, making lid flush at all 4 corners

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