Intermediate Coin Collecting Kit #003

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This is a kit for the intermediate coin collector, that has a lot of coins, and needs a little help organizing and grading them. This kit contains the “PCGS Official Guide to Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection.” This is a nice long book with over a thousand pictures to help show collectors how to grade and spot that ever present counterfeit coin.

Also included are 200 vinyl flips, along with boxes and paper inserts to organize their collections. Also included in this kit are Whitman mint and proof set holders for state quarter sets and yearly sets. In addition to those are square coin tubes and a box to store the coin tubes.


Square Coin Tubes Vinyl Flips Whitman Yearly Set Large Storage Box for Tubes Numismatic Forgery
Square Coin Tubes Vinyl Flips Marcus Yearly Set Holder Storage Box for Tubes Numismatic Forgery
Square Coin Tubes Quantity Coin Holders and Boxes Quantity
Cents/Pennies 10 2x2 FAC #28 Vinyl Flips with Box & Inserts 200
Nickels 5 Marcus Strip Holder for 5 Quarters 2
Dimes 5 Marcus Strip Holder for Cent-Half 3
Quarters 5 Large Storage Box for Tubes - Quarter (Orange) 1
Half Dollars 3
Silver Dollars 2
Books Quantity
Numismatic Forgery


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