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The pages accommodates a single sleeve (either P or D mint) for the 2007 and later mint sets. The rigid white foam board insert has two die-cut push out openings which accommodate all sets 2007 sets or later, as there is a slight difference in the 'footprint' of these sets from year to year.

Assembly is easy: Lift up the information flap of the mint set without removing it. Place the set into the punched out foam board, and slide into the clear page with a zip lock top. When assembled, the front flap of the mint set is open so both sides of the set are visible. Each page holds the coins of one mint, two pages are required to house each year.

NOW IMPROVED! In the Autumn of 2018 the vinyl sleeves were made larger to allow easier insertion and removal of the mint sets and closure of the zip lock seal.

These pages fit any 3-ring binder and would good alongside our slabcurrency and coin pages. We also have mint and proof storage boxes available.

Overall page size: 9 1/4 " W x 11 1/4" L

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