Deluxe Collector Kit for kids #001

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The Deluxe Coin Collector Kit for Kids is for kids who have a lot of coins, and need to organize them. In this kit there is 100 cardboard 2x2s for every type of coin, along with a red storage box for each type. This allows for excellent storage of their coins, and hopefully they won’t have to search for hours for their “special” coin anymore.

Also, if they don’t want to put all of their coin in 2x2s, they can use the round tubes for additional storage, and to store the coin tubes, we have also added a very convenient storage box for keeping most of the coin tubes in.

Instead of paying $30 to have a few of their favorite coins slabbed, this kit also includes acrylic coin slabs and box to put the coin slabs in. This allows the kids to put their favorite coins in the slabs, and look at them as if they were $3,000 coins, that’s always fun to do even when you grow up.

** Please note the PCGS box is now BLACK instead of Blue as shown in picture.


Cardboard 2x2s Coin Slabs Round Coin Tubes Red Storage Box Large Storage Box for Tubes PCGS Storage Box
2x2 Cardboard Holder Coin Slabs Round Coin Tubes Red Box Box for Tubes PCGS Box (Bottom Box)
2x2 Cardboard Coin Holders Quantity Coin Slabs Quantity
Cents/Pennies 100 Cents/Pennies 1
Nickels 100 Nickels 1
Dimes 100 Dimes 1
Quarters 100 Quarters 2
Half Dollars 100 Half Dollars 2
Silver Dollars 100 Silver Dollars 3
Round Coin Tubes Quantity Storage Boxes Quantity
Cents/Pennies 10 Red Box for 2x2s 6
Nickels 5 Large Storage Box for Coin Tubes 1
Dimes 5 Black PCGS Storage Box for Coin Slabs 1
Quarters 5
Half Dollars 3
Silver Dollars 2

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