Dansco Slipcase for Albums- 7/8"

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Dansco Archival Quality Slipcase are available in six sizes to fit all genuine Dansco Coin Albums. Dansco archival quality slipcases are made with Silver-Guard corrosion-inhibiting protection. Silver-Guard offers a dense 2-mil coating for years of corrosion protection that no other product can match. The slipcases inhibit toning and will not change existing toning.

For all Dansco Coin Albums with 7/8" Binders: 6122, 6142, 6171, 7003, 7005, 7007, 7010, 7011, 7080, 7084, 7085, 7086, 7113, 7143, 7166, 8102, 8143, 8144, 8181

In addition to coin albums we also offer a full line of coin folders and maps including HarrisLittleton and Whitman brands.

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