Air-Tite 1 oz. Silver Bar Capsule Holder

Quantity: 1 ($0.850 Per Capsule)
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The Air-Tite Brand 1 oz silver bar holder is designed to hold bars up to 2 inches long. Some bars are slightly longer than 2 inches and will not fit.

Please make sure to measure your 1 oz. bars before purchasing this product as not all 1 oz bars are the same.

Dimension: Inside 1.985" x 1.158" (50.8mm x 29.4mm)

Outside 2.197" x 1.375" (55.8mm x 34.9mm)

Depth 0.098" (2.49mm)

We also offer Guardhouse storage boxes and Air-Tite storage boxes for our Air-Tite 1 oz. bar capsules. 

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