Understanding the AirTite Models

When assembling a collection in Air-Tite Coin Holders it helps to have a basic understanding of the Air-Tite models.  Air-Tites are produced in Direct Fit and Ring Type holders. The ring types use foam rings to give the collector flexibility to fit any size coin, token or medallion. The various coin holder models refer to different outside diameters. Once the holder model system is understood, creating fun sets of coins by type, date, or denomination becomes easy and enjoyable.

size example for model A

Model A  Outside Diameter is 30.9mm, (1.218") - Depth is 1.575mm (.062")

Model A Ring Sizes Available (10-19mm)

Model A Direct Fit Sizes Coin Type    
A-16 inside diameter 16.5mm $5 Gold Eagle    
A-18 inside diameter 17.9mm US Dime    
A-19 inside diameter 19.0mm US Cent    
A-21 inside diameter 21.2mm US Nickel    
A-22 inside diameter 22.0mm $10 Gold Eagle    
A-24.3 inside diameter 24.3mm US Quarter    
A-26 inside diameter 26.5mm SBA/Sac/Presidential $    
size example for model T        

Model T  - Outside Diameter is 36.5, (1.437") - Depth is 2.032mm (.080")

Model T Ring Sizes Available (20 - 25mm)

Model T Direct Fit Sizes Coin Type  
T-30.6 inside diameter 30.6mm US Half Dollar    
size example for model H

Model H  Outside Diameter is 44.5mm, (1.750") - Depth is 3.175mm (.125")

Model H Ring Sizes Available (26 - 32mm)

Model H Direct Fit Sizes Coin Type    
H-27 inside diameter 27.0mm $25 Gold Eagle    
H-32 inside diameter 32.7mm $50 Gold Eagle    
H-38 inside diameter 38.1mm US Silver Dollar    
H-39 inside diameter 39.0mm 1 oz Silver Round    
H-40.6 inside diameter 40.6mm American Silver Eagle    
size example for model I

Model I  Outside Diameter is 51.6mm, (2.031") - Depth is 2.921mm (.115")

Model I Ring Sizes Available (33-42mm)

Direct Fit Sizes Direct Fit Sizes    
N/A N/A    
size example for model X

Model X  Outside Diameter is 53.8mm, (2.118") - Depth is 3.962mm (.156")

Model X Ring Sizes Available (38 - 40,43,44mm)

Direct Fit Sizes Coin Type    
X-43 inside diameter 43.8mm      
X-1.75 inside diameter 44.5mm      
X-6 inside diameter 47.6mm 2 oz Silver Rounds    
size example for model Y

Model Y  Outside Diameter is 71.4mm, (2.810") - Depth is 5.486mm (.216")

Model Y Ring Sizes Availabe

Ring Type Sizes Coin Type    
Direct Fit Sizes      
50mm 2" Coins    
Y-65 inside diameter 65mm 5 oz Silver Round    
size example for model Z

Model Z  Outside Diameter is 85.9mm, (3.264") - Depth is 7.264mm (.286")

Ring Sizes Available

Direct Fit Sizes Coin Type    
Z-10 inside diameter 76.8mm 10oz Silver Round    
size example for Bar model

Wafer Bar  Outside Diameter - 34.9 x 55.8mm, (1.375" x 2.197")
Depth is 2.489mm (.098")

Ring Sizes Available

Direct Fit Sizes Coin Type    
Bar inside diameter 1.158" x 2" 1oz Bars    
  5 oz bars