Kointains for Silver Dollars and 38mm coins

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A Kointain is a Round, inert, clear mylar capsule that fits snugly around a coin. All sides of the coin, including the edge, remain viewable. Coins in Kointains can be handled with the assurance that any fingerprints will be left only on the mylar and will not contaminate the coin. Because Kointains are made from mylar they are flexible. For those collectors who are looking for a hard, round, and clear coin case we direct you to our Air-Tite coin holders.

Kointains are popular among collectors because they archival safe. They are also trusted and used by the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. Many collectors like to store their Kointains in cardboard holders or coin flips for added security.

This particular style of Kointains are made for silver dollars and other 38mm coins.

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