Direct Fit Air-Tite H$5ML - 1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf (38mm)

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Direct fit holders require a snug fit between the coin and the holder to keep the coin in place. Air-Tites exacting manufacturing process ensures that an Air-Tite will always fit the coin it was intended to hold. These holders have been designed to hold almost every type of US coin, medallion and bullion.

This holder will accommodate 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leafs.

Holder Measurements:

Inside Diameter: 1.49" (38mm)

Outside Diameter: 1.75" (44.45mm)

Inside Depth: 0.134" (3.29mm)

Outside Thickness: 0.212" (5.94mm)

*NOTE* If using the Model H storage tube you will only fit 19 of them in the tube instead of 20 like the other Model H holders due to the extra outside thickness of the holder. 

After you have decided which Air-Tites to purchase, we also have albumsboxes and tubes designed specifically for our Air-Tite coin holders. For more coin sizes please check out our coin size guide or for coin capsule specifications take a look at our Air-Tite measurement and info page.

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