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Bausch and Lomb Packette 5 X Magnifier 813133
Magnifier - Folding Pocket 4X 812354
Magnifier- Folding Pocket 4X9X 812364
Magnifier - Folding Pocket 5X-20X 812367
Hastings Triplet Jewelers Loupe: 10x magnification
Hastings Triplet Jewelers Loupe: 14x magnification
Hastings Triplet Jewelers Loupe: 20x magnification
Coddington 10x Magnifier
Coddington 14x Magnifer
Coddington 20x Magnifier
Watchmaker's Loupe 4X
Watchmaker's Loupe 4X 814173
Sale price$13.95
Watchmaker's Loupe 5X
Watchmaker's Loupe 5X 814172
Sale price$13.95
Watchmaker's Loupe 7X
Watchmaker's Loupe 7X 814171
Sale price$13.95

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